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Hi All! My name is Kevin . I am here to help you navigate through our confusing health insurance system. Each insurance carrier is different. Every plan is different. The healthcare laws keep changing.

My Work Experience:

I have worked in the health insurance industry for almost five years. I started out as a Customer Service Representative and in less than two years became a Supervisor. In this role I took what we call “escalated” calls from our customers who were upset with the outcome of their claims, not covered benefits, denied authorizations just to name a few. A little over two years I became a Client Service Executive, which is my current role. I work on the client side of the businesses ranging from 50 to 1,000 employees. I speak to brokers, Human Resources, and sometimes customers.

My Educational Background:

I have two bachelor’s degrees from Penn State in Communication and Women’s Studies. I deeply care about women’s health. I am half way to completing my master’s degree in communication at Drexel University.

My Personal Experience:

My mother was the caretaker of my uncle who had diabetes. Unfortunately, he passed away my senior year in college. About a decade later my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. She learned what not to do from my uncle because he did not take care of himself. My aunt was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Additionally, my grandfather had a rare heart condition where too much blood would pump to his heat so he was placed on blood thinners for the last 20 years of his life. Ironically, this condition did not result in his passing; however, Stage Four Melanoma did.

My experience in the health insurance industry and my personal experience with ill family members navigating the system are why I am passionate about helping others understand health insurance system and law. My educational background has helped me break down the barriers by simplifying the complexities to my clients. I have learned that even very smart people can be misinformed or may not understand concepts jargon of health insurance. There are tons of information in blogs, on cable news, and websites. This makes it difficult for anyone to understand the correct information of their health plan or of the healthcare law.


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